Check your eligibility for ATAS membership:

  1. Student members must be studying at a registered higher education institution (university or College) in Scotland.
  2. Alumni members must graduate from a registered higher education institution(University or College) in Scotland.
  3. Academic members must be an academic and support the mission of ATAS
  4. Membership shall be open to the spouse of a member of the association.
  5. Any corporate body which sponsors and supports the mission of ATAS.

Application for membership

  1. Any person or body who/which wishes to become a member must sign a written application for membership and lodge this with the association along with remittance to meet the annual membership subscription. In the case of a corporate body, the application must be signed by an appropriate officer of that corporate body.
  2.  An application for membership received by the association will be considered by the general board at the next general board meeting.
  3. If the general board approves your membership, you will get a notification of payment. When you complete the payment within legislation time after getting payment notification, your membership will be activated, and your member ID will be shared with you.
  4. The general board may, at its discretion, refuse to admit any person or body to membership.
  5. If the decision was to refuse admission, the general board shall return to the applicant the remittance lodged by him/her.

Membership subscription

  1. Members shall require paying an annual membership subscription, unless and until otherwise determined by the members. The amount of the annual membership subscription shall be £30. The membership subscription for students is discounted to £10 per year.
  2. The annual membership subscriptions shall be payable on or before 31st October in each year.
  3. The members may vary the amount of the annual membership subscription and/or the date on which it falls due in each year, by way of a resolution to that effect passed at an AGM.
  4. If the membership subscription payable by any member remains outstanding more than 4 weeks after the date on which it fell due – and providing he/she has been given at least one written reminder – the general board may, by resolution to that effect, expel him/her from membership.
  5. A person who ceases (for whatever reason) to be a member shall not be entitled to any refund of the membership subscription.