International Students Mentorship Program in Scotland

International Student Mentorship Program in Scotland is a nonprofit program which connects mentors and international students across Scotland for helping them from the admissions process all the way through graduation. Our goal is to provide international students with a mentor that can guide them through each step of their degree. In the last couple of years, we have provided these services as ATAS charity, especially between newly accepted Turkish students and senior students in Scotland.


  1. Reach out to incoming international students that have been admitted to Scottish Universities to provide information and assistance with questions or concerns.
  2. Assist new international students in the transition from their respective countries to our Scottish university.
  3. Enhance the international student experience in Scotland through personal interaction in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.
  4. International Students Mentorship Program in Scotland (ISMPS) is eight months 1-on-1 mentorship program where international students will be paired with an academic, professional, or senior student. They will meet their mentos once a month for eight months, in person or online. Our mentors are liver in Scotland for many years and will help international students with many issues such as surviving the first year in Scotland, study skills, mastering small talk with Scottish, how to succeed in university, and much more.


  1. Must spend at least one year in Scotland actively.
  2. Have the ability to relate to a diverse group of people and demonstrate a commitment to promoting intercultural understanding and global engagement.
  3. Possess knowledge regarding campus and community resources to share with mentees.
  4. Ability to speak and write in English language;


  1. New international students in the first year of their undergraduate or graduate program.
  2. Good time management skills are essential.
  3. Respect for authority is a vital quality that mentees should have.
  4. Mentees should be capable of clear communication, including listening.


  1. Students are connected with an eligible mentor which is mostly assigned their study area and receive one-on-one guidance.
  2. Mentors and mentees communicate over the eight months asking questions and providing information.


  1. Expand your network and meet new people from around Scotland with similar interests
  2. Benefit from the support and experiences of upper-year domestic and international students and learn how to get involved on campus.
  3. Have support in regards to culture, language, and life in Scotland